Royal Netherlands Navy Selects High Eye’s Airboxer VTOL UAV

Royal Netherlands Navy Selects High Eye’s Airboxer VTOL UAV - Merchant Navy Info - News

On May 14, 2024, High Eye, a Dutch drone manufacturer, announced that the Royal Netherlands Navy had selected the company’s Airboxer VTOL uncrewed aerial vehicle for maritime operations.

The Dutch Navy has selected our Airboxer VTOL UAV, marking a significant achievement in our journey of innovation and growth. High Eye is delighted to announce this exciting news. After a thorough and comprehensive study of maritime VTOL UAV systems. The Royal Netherlands Navy has chosen the Airboxer, recognizing its exceptional suitability for the demanding maritime domain.

With over a decade of development, the Airboxer has evolved to its current level through dedication and craftsmanship. We are immensely proud that the Dutch Navy acknowledges the qualities of the Airboxer and the expertise of High Eye through this choice.

Airboxer VTOL UAV For Royal Netherlands Navy

The Airboxer is a truly versatile all-weather VTOL UAV designed with industrial durability and aviation standards. Its designers meticulously crafted its avionics, flight control systems, and payload connection to resist natural elements. There is a robust IP-67 rating against dust and water. This long-range RPAS can confidently operate in diverse conditions. From strong winds and precipitation to high humidity, dust, cold, and heat. The Airboxer has successfully flown over tropical forests, mountainous areas, Arctic ice, Arabic deserts, and European seas, demonstrating its resilience and adaptability.

The Airboxer can carry a top payload of 5 kilograms. High Eye can integrate many payloads that meet the customer’s requirements. We have previously integrated EO&IR gimbals, RF spectrum analyzers, geographical survey sensors, gas detectors, magnetometers, Lidars, etcetera.

The Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) is 21.5 kg. Just one person can carry the Airboxer, which fits in a regular van or big car. The ground control station is a man-portable design, which allows the pilot to move during a mission.

Several layers of EMI filtering protect all power, payload, data, and communication lines against Electro-Magnetical Interference. The Airboxer has undergone testing in a military EMI testing room and fully complies with MIL-STD-461F-RS103. This means it tolerates field strengths of at least 200 V/m over a wide frequency range. You can use it safely near sources of high-power radiated energy, as found on naval vessels or airports.

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