RTX’s SM-6 Destroys Ballistic Missile Threat In Test at Sea

RTX’s SM-6 Destroys Ballistic Missile Threat In Test at Sea - Merchant Navy Info - News

Raytheon’s RTX SM-6 missile, operating under the RTX banner, showcased its capabilities by intercepting a medium-range ballistic missile target in a test conducted at sea.

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RTX doing well

The successful test, designated as Flight Test Aegis Weapon System (FTM)-32. This highlights the strength of the SM-6, further bolstering its reputation as a defence system.

The test, away from the coast of Hawaii and involving the USS Preble (DDG 88). Thus, marked another event in the development of the SM-6 system. Utilising the Baseline 9.C2 variant of the Aegis Combat System, the SM-6 Dual II (Block IA). Including configuration, equipped with newly qualified software, demonstrated its ability to neutralise incoming threats. All of this even in the final seconds of flight.

According to GlobalData’s “The Global Missiles & Missile Defense Systems Market 2023-2033” report, RTX is projected to be the second biggest player in the region. It would command 22% of the North American missiles and missile defence systems market. The US is expected to spend $18.1bn on 4,022 SM-6 block 1 anti-air missiles from RTX between 2009 and 2033. 

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