Russia’s Putin Sets Out Conditions For Peace Talks With Ukraine

Russia's Putin Sets Out Conditions For Peace Talks With Ukraine - Merchant Navy Info - NEWS

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday laid out the conditions for the start of peace talks with Ukraine. More than two years after the Kremlin’s full-scale invasion of the neighboring country. According to a Google-translated cable update from Russian state news agency TASS. The conditions include a complete withdrawal of Ukrainian forces in September 2022. From the Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhia, and also Kherson regions that Russia illegally annexed within months of the start of fighting.

The Kremlin’s conditions are unlikely to be received with much enthusiasm in Kyiv. As the latter has repeatedly stated that it will not cede any territory to Russia. In a meeting with Russian Foreign Ministry leaders, Putin said that if Ukraine “begins a real withdrawal of troops. From these regions and also formally announces the abandonment of plans to join NATO. An order will be issued from our side immediately in 2019,” according to the Google-translated comments from TASS. 

That’s the same minute as a ceasefire and also starting negotiations. He said Moscow was determined to ensure an “unhindered and safe withdrawal. Of Ukrainian forces if Kyiv agreed to such concessions. Putin added that Moscow’s future demands would be different if the peace proposal is rejected. Putin’s comments stand in stark contrast to the Ukrainian side’s peace plan. Volodymyr Zelensky’s 10-point proposal was released in November 2022. Calls for restoring the country’s “territorial integrity” in accordance with the UN Charter. He has also insisted that Ukraine take back the Crimean peninsula. Russia illegally annexed in February 2014 before the current war. CNBC has reached out to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry for comment.

Peace Efforts So Far 

Peace agreements so far seem doomed to fail in the Ukrainian conflict. A 12-point plan was announced by the Chinese government, an ally of Russia. On the first anniversary of the war also failed to gain traction. As Reuters reports, China is again pushing its own alternative diplomatic plan. Putin’s proposal on Friday threatens to steal attention from upcoming negotiations in Switzerland. Where at least 90 countries and organizations are planning to hold a Ukraine peace summit in the Swiss resort of Bürgenstock on June 15 and 16.

Moscow was notably not invited and has in the past denounced the futility of attempts by third parties to negotiate a settlement to the conflict without Russia’s participation. Previous summits have failed to bring about a diplomatic solution to the conflict or a de-escalation of hostilities on the battlefield. This comes as Ukraine’s allies have stepped up financial and military support in recent weeks. 

On Thursday, G7 leaders and governments agreed in principle to allow Kyiv loans worth $50 billion to be financed by profits from Russian central bank assets frozen by the West. ~ Around 300 billion euros ($322 billion) will be covered. European Council President Charles Michel stressed that “Russia must pay.” NATO will also discuss further support for Ukraine at its next summit, which will be held from July 9 to 11. Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg expects member states to agree on “long-term financial commitments to provide military support” to Kyiv and for the military alliance to play a “leading role” in providing and coordinating security assistance in the war-torn country. The United States and Germany have already lifted some restrictions on arms sales to Ukraine, now allowing the use of weapons against Russian targets across the border, but only to defend Kharkiv.

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