Seanergy Lines Up Capesize For Hydrogen Retrofit

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Seanergy lines up capesize for hydrogen retrofit

Seanergy is taking bold steps towards a sustainable future by lining up a Capesize vessel for retrofitting with hydrogen technology.

This move will help reduce the harmful emissions that have plagued the shipping industry . Contribute significantly to the global effort to combat climate change. By embracing this innovative and eco-friendly technology, Seanergy sets an example for others to create a greener and more sustainable world.

Nasdaq-listed Greek Capesize expert Seanergy Maritime has joined a European Union-backed project to demonstrate hydrogen as a fuel source to generate electricity onboard. At the same time, covering part of the ship’s propulsion requirements.

As part of the Safecraft initiative, led by Stamatis Tsantanis, an organization has committed to retrofitting one of its conventionally fueled vessels with a hydrogen-based system. This system will fuel a generator set, providing power to a shaft motor in parallel with the main engine.

The 48-month Safecraft project was founded by the European Commission in December, with a commitment of about $10m. It has an overall budget of about $13.5m. Supported by 11 consortium partners, including class societies, engineering and industrial firms, other firms, and the academic community.

Tsantanis remarked that the company’s strategic partnership with the European Union and key industry stakeholders is another prominent accomplishment towards their global ESG objectives.

Seanergy said it is the first Greek-based shipowner involved in the project. It seeks to develop and demonstrate the safety and viability. Also, it accelerates the adoption of sustainable alternative fuels (SAFs) in waterborne transportation.

It explains four technologies acting as SAF enablers for different types of oceangoing and short-sea shipping vessels. Both new building and retrofits. SAFs are a crucial component in ensuring efficient and safe handling, storage, and main propulsion of systems. Without SAFs, these processes would be compromised, leading to potential risks and hazards. Therefore, it is important to recognize the vital role that SAFs play in maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of these systems.

Includes :

1) Liquid and compressed green H2
2) Two green H2 carriers
3) LOHCs
4) Ammonia

“Safecraft is offering our proven strategy of making the current vessels more efficient and potentially reducing radically GHG emissions by utilizing alternative fuels and the latest technologies on the existing fleet,” 


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