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Ship chandlers are important professionals in the maritime industry, and the financial rewards of this career can be high. They ensure that arriving vessels are quickly prepared and fully equipped for their next voyage. Understanding what this position requires will help you decide if this unique career is right for you. In this article, we explore what a Ship chandler does, consider why it’s important, and explain what qualifications and skills are required.

What Does A Ship Chandler Do?

Knowing the work of a ships chandler will help you understand the important role that shipyards play in the maritime industry. Also known as ship chandler or ship contractors, their primary role is to ensure the delivery of ship essentials and supplies such as food, beverages, fuel, and tools.

The main goal is to maximise efficiency. They accomplish this by acting as a single source of information for ships entering port. This eliminates the need for ships to waste time searching for and contacting various individual ship chandlers. You will also be able to receive your desired delivery in a short time. To achieve that purpose, ship chandler may be responsible for several tasks, including: 

  1. Supply ships and their crews with essentials such as ropes and cleaning supplies 
  2. Negotiate with shipowners 
  3. Provide maintenance and repair services such as parts, e.g. engines, radar, and anchors. 
  4. Laundry and decking.
  5. Providing cleaning services, including  cleaning 
  6. Calculate the amount of food, water, spare parts, and fuel a ship will require for its voyage. 
  7. Providing new purchasers with detailed information about a particular ship’s Vessel Conditions 
  8. Pest control and Providing fumigation services 
  9. Providing transportation services to seafarers • Supplying ship painting materials 
  10. Repairing radios, computers and other communication equipment 
  11. Inspecting and providing safety equipment such as lifeboats and fire extinguishers 

Ships Chandler?

Ship chandlers, also known as Marine Supermarket, is essentially a retailer. They work exclusively for ships and provide supplies and equipment. Their necessities include binoculars, lubricants, kitchen supplies, paint, maps, and many other specialty items. Your work environment typically involves long and irregular work hours. This order requires the supplier to be available to her 24/7. Therefore, ship chandler must always have sufficient equipment and sufficient personnel to deliver large quantities of supplies in a short period of time.

Why is Ship Trading important?

Ship chandler are important because they are responsible for supplying ships. There are several benefits to using these one-point sources, including: 

Time savings

Ship chandlers can minimize the risk of delays and ensure quick delivery times, speeding up the entire supply chain.

Lower costs

Using a single supplier reduces overall costs by providing discounts and competitively attractive prices for goods and services.

Quality Assurance

A single trusted supplier ensures that the quality of the goods it supplies is consistently high value.

Preparing a ship for a voyage

Ship chandler are experts in accurately predicting the amount of supplies a ship will need for a voyage. It also ensures that the Ship’s equipment is fully functional.

What qualifications are required?

The qualifications you need may vary depending on whether you are interested in starting your own marine goods business or joining an existing business. It also depends on whether you want to study professionally or not. For example, you can specialize in engine maintenance or handling hazardous chemicals. Here are some common qualifications you may need.


Employers typically require applicants to have at least a bachelor’s degree. This usually takes 3-4 years. We recommend pursuing a degree in a related field, such as: 

  1. Contract Management 
  2. Supply Chain Management 
  3. Logistics 
  4. Procurement Management 
  5. Business Administration 
  6. Maritime Science 

To gain a competitive advantage, you can also earn a master’s degree. Can. Recommended if you want to provide specialized services such as radar maintenance. You can choose from a variety of degrees, including marine engineering and maritime management. A master’s degree typically takes one to two years.


If you want to enter this industry, it is important to be familiar with local and international regulations. In particular, be familiar with the International Ship ship chandler Association (ISSA). To regulate the practice of this profession, ISSA has established a Code of Ethics that governs what conduct ship chandler consider appropriate when selling, pricing, and promoting their goods and services.

Companies can apply for membership in ISSA if they have been actively trading for at least two years and have at least six shipowners or ship managers to serve as references. As an individual looking to become a supplier, you may also consider obtaining licenses, training, and certification to legally operate a forklift. Many employers require this skill as they use it when loading and unloading goods onto ships.


If you wish to take on this role, you will first need to gain training and experience. In some cases, the company may also provide on-the-job training. Some employers require a certain amount of experience. The desired number of years typically depends on the seniority of the position and the size of the company. Some companies require one year of work experience, while others require four to five years of direct work experience. For example, working knowledge of inventory management and control processes may be required.

One way he obtains such training is by completing an internship. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the industry at a comfortable pace. You can also find related entry-level jobs to gain work experience and hone your skills. For example, you can start out as a logistics assistant or a customer service representative.

What Skills Do You Need?

Here are the skills you can develop if you want to be successful in this role.

Customer Service 

Good customer service skills mean being able to provide your customers with a positive and beneficial experience during and after a transaction. This skill is extremely valuable in this role. This allows us to build lasting relationships with ship managers and owners who use our services.

Time Management 

This job involves tight deadlines and high time pressure. Excellent time management skills allow you to deliver products and services in a short period of time. Ocean-going ships typically stay in port for only one to two days, so fast turnaround times are important.


Both written and verbal communication skills are essential for this position. To do our part, we need clear communication to understand exactly what goods and services ships in port need. Strong communication skills will also help you negotiate terms and rates with ship chandlers and customers.

Computer Skills 

Working in this position typically requires basic knowledge of computers and related technology. For example, you can use a shipping management system to receive orders and communicate with incoming vessels. You can also use GPS to track shipments and use various computer applications to organise your work and manage inventory.

Ship Outfitter Job Description Example 

This is an example of a typical job description: Join us as a detail-oriented, resourceful person who will work closely with our ship chandler and major customers. We are looking for a ship outfitter. Base. Key responsibilities include overseeing the timely delivery of materials, overseeing packaging by warehouse staff, and maintaining relationships with ship chandlers.

The ideal candidate is an excellent negotiator and has excellent communication and number skills. You also have excellent time management, calculation, and analytical skills. We require at least a bachelor’s degree in a field related to supply chain management. He is also required to have at least four years of experience in the field of ship supply, inventory management and purchasing.

Average ship chandlers Salary 

You may also work in this role in another position. Professionals often work under job titles that are more appropriate for their specific tasks. Here are some examples of salaries in this industry.

  1. The average salary for a warehouse manager is $37,312 per year.
  2. The average salary for a Purchasing Representative is $39,487 per year.
  3. The average salary for a Delivery Coordinator is $33,121 per year.
  4. The average salary for a Logistics Coordinator is $34,175 per year.

General benefits include: 

  1. Health insurance 
  2. Vacation 
  3. Dental Insurance 
  4. Night shift allowance 

Related Occupations 

These related occupations are: 

  1. Ship Broker 
  2. Freight Broker 
  3. Freight Manager 4 
  4. Logistics Assistant 
  5. Supply Chain Manager 
  6. Business Economist 
  7. Quantity Checker 
  8. Product Manager
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