Huge £5.1 Billion Underwater Tunnel Set To Connect Spain To Africa By Train

Huge £5.1 Billion Underwater Tunnel Set To Connect Spain To Africa By Train - Merchant Navy Info - News

A massive 17-mile-long undersea tunnel could soon connect Spain and Morocco – 40 years after it was first mooted. This tunnel was first proposed in 1979 and was planned to run between Casablanca, Morocco, and Madrid, Spain. 4 The tunnel will provide a rail link between the two countries. Linking it to Spain’s high-speed railway and the high-speed line between Casablanca and Tangier, which opened last year. 

The route starts at Madrid Central Station, stops in Algeciras, and then crosses the Strait of Gibraltar through a tunnel. It then ends in Tangier, Morocco, and then in Casablanca. If it works, the journey between the two cities will only take five and a half hours. The flight takes about 2 hours, but the current drive takes about 12 hours. Including the ferry ride along the way. His terminal, similar to the Eurotunnel at Folkestone and Calais, could also be built. 

Official costs

Official costs have not yet been announced, but it is expected to cost around €6bn (£5.1 bn). Although published decades ago, a new report reveals plans by Morocco’s National Strait. Of Gibraltar Exploration Society (SNED) and its Spanish counterpart SECEGSA to carry out surveys in the area. The opening is scheduled for 2030 when Spain, Portugal, and Morocco will host the World Cup. Raquel Sánchez, the predecessor of Spain’s Transport Minister Óscar Puente. Previously stated: Video Aboard a British sleeper train to the country’s best beach resorts 4.

This is a strategic project not only for Spain and Morocco but also for Europe and Africa.” The shortest distance between the two continents is 900 meters deep, and it also contains the deepest Eurasian and African plates. This is not the only railway line that is planned to be introduced in the coming years. A £2.1 billion rail line will be built along the Spanish coast between Malaga and Marbella. And last month, a new 15-hour night train was introduced between Brussels and Prague.

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