How to Style a Navy Blue Suit for Every Occasion

From formal weddings and high-profile nights to professional interviews and business meetings, a navy blue suit for men is a fail-proof choice for almost any occasion that calls for men’s attire.

If you’ve just bought your first new navy blue suit for men (congratulations, good choice) or are in the process of buying one (don’t worry, it’s a worthwhile investment), you may be wondering: It may be combined with a new purchase. Do not be afraid. The experienced and stylish xSuit team will give you free fashion tips on how to rock your new navy or dark blue suit.

Introducing the ultimate guide to styling a navy blue suit for men. First, let’s briefly explain the value of a navy blue suit for men. 

Advantages of Navy Suits

Let’s start with the good news: It’s hard to go wrong with a navy suit. Yes, if you choose a dark blue suit, you are on the right track to getting the right fit. Why?

First, the navy blue suit is a classic and elegant color, yet masculine and timeless. Pair it with bright colors to make a contrasting fashion statement or with muted tones for understated elegance. Perfect for a glamorous occasion when dressed up with pocket squares and cufflinks or for a night out on the town with friends and forgetting your tie.

Make a good impression on your boss. A blue suit gives a more serious and intellectual impression. It also leads to productivity in a versatile color. Like black, almost any navy suit looks great and goes with just about anything. It can be worn all year round – navy can be worn in summer or winter. Now that we’ve reviewed why dark blue is a surefire suit color let’s show you how to style it.

How to Style a Blue Suit

A navy blue suit is the perfect start, but it needs to be paired with a few other items to complete the look. How to choose the shirt, tie, belt, shoes, and accessories to go with a navy suit – including a navy  jacket and pants:  

What color shirt goes with a blue suit?

 After the suit itself, the style of the shirt is probably the second most important choice. Whether you like a pop of color or prefer neutrals, a navy suit is perfect for you. Let’s take a closer look at some specific colors and find your favorite. If you prefer a plain shirt, choose one of the following colors: 

1) White – If you’re looking for tradition, simplicity, and elegance, look no further than a crisp white shirt. The contrast is perfect.

2) Blue – It may seem counterintuitive, but blue looks great with blue.

3) Choose a light blue shirt for contrast, or opt for a textured navy shirt.

 4) Gray – From silver to anthracite, gray looks spectacular and elegant when paired with a dark blue suit.

 5) Tan or Light Brown – Brown and blue go very well together.

 The tan is not as harsh and pure as the white.

 6) Pink or Purple – Some men don’t go there, but if you’re ready to wear color, consider pastel shades of pink or purple.

 Both look very beautiful against the dark blue.

 7) Red – If you want to stand out, wear a red shirt.

 Is it suitable for all occasions?  No. However, we trust that you will make the most of your knowledge and find the perfect moment to wear this Rojo shirt.

Pattern Shirts 

Consider incorporating patterns other than color to avoid complicating things. Patterns can break up the simplicity of a plain dark suit and add personality. When choosing a patterned shirt, consider the following options: Floral Prints – Find floral shirts with a white base and accents of blue, pink, or even orange or yellow.


Look for cream or brown shirts with subtle or not-so-subtle grayscale stripes. This adds an interesting touch to the fit while keeping it clean and masculine.


Beautiful geometric patterns can add an intelligent or fashion-forward casual touch to your fit.


Yes, twill is more of a texture than a pattern, but it can create a nice contrast, especially if you choose a color in the same family as blue.


If you want to take your style to new heights, choose paisley with a colorful pattern in shades of blue and orange.

Now that we’ve explained the shirt, let’s move on to the tie.

What Color Tie Goes With Any Blue Suit?

When putting together an outfit, everything must blend to create a cohesive look. That’s why it’s important to choose a tie that goes well with your dark blue suit and chosen shirt. Here are some tie suggestions based on the shirt options above.

1) White Shirt – Opt for a yellow, maroon, black, or floral tie.

2) Blue Shirt – Consider using a pop of color. Add contrast with pink flowers.

3) Want to keep it dark? Opt for a slim black tie.

4) Gray Shirt – Choose a black, burgundy, navy, or mustard tie.

5) Tan or Tan Shirt – Choose a knit or tweed tie with an organic texture and muted tones, like a dark brown striped tie.

6) Pastel Shirt – If you choose a light shirt, wear a dark blue tie.

7) Red Shirt – A navy striped tie creates a nice nautical look if you’re so inclined.

8) Pattern Shirt – Depending on the pattern, pattern ties can be combined.

 For example, any striped shirt with any sort of polka dot tie or a floral shirt with a striped tie. For the pattern to work, it should be staggered and complementary to each other (i.e., Avoid vertical stripes on top of vertical stripes or paisley on top of paisley).

When in doubt, choose a sturdy tie.

What Color Belt Goes With A Blue Suit?

 If you are wearing a blue suit, it is best to choose a brown belt. Or, if you wear suspenders, try to find suspenders that match the shade of blue in your suit.

 What Color Of Shoes Go With A Blue Suit?

 Shoe selection should be based on belt selection and vice versa. For example, if you choose brown shoes, choose a brown belt. Try coordinating these two accessories to create continuity. Here are some of the best men’s dress shoes to pair with a navy suit.

Navy or Tan Suede Oxfords Dark Brown Leather Boots Tan Wingtip Brogues Pro Tip: Avoid wearing a blue belt with black shoes or other black belts.

What Accessories Go Well With A Blue Suit?

In addition to the basics, you can also spruce up your look with additional accessories. What can you add to complete the look? Here are some additional accessories you can pair with a dark blue or dark blue suitPetrol cloth Tie needle Cufflink ​​ Pin Now you are ready to assemble. It’s a great fit. Let’s go back to the navy blue suit.

Navy Blue Suit Cart 

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