Chess Dynamics to Provide Surveillance Systems for Australia’s Hunter Class Frigates

Surveillance Systems

The system provides the RAN with state-of-the-art surveillance capabilities to detect. Track and identify ground and air targets as part of the Hunter Class Frigate program. High-precision tracking data is expected to enable passive targeting of weapon systems, reducing the overall burden on operators. Sea Eagle FCEO was selected for integration into several global naval programs. Including the Royal Navy’s Type 26 World Combat Ship, for which the Hunter class frigate was developed. The system is equipped with an advanced daylight camera, a high-resolution infrared camera, and an eye-safe laser rangefinder. It also features a sophisticated software suite that provides a comprehensive picture of the marine environment. The  SeaEagle FCEO system is integrated into the Hunter-class frigate’s battle management system. Providing a single, intuitive interface for the crew. 

The system can also share information with other ships and assets within the fleet. Improving the RAN’s overall maritime situational awareness. This contract is a significant milestone for Chess Dynamics. And further establishes the company as a leading provider of high-performance electro-optical sensor systems for the maritime defense market. The SeaEagle FCEO system plays a key role in the RAN’s Hunter-class frigate program, providing the fleet with the capabilities it needs to operate effectively in the modern maritime environment.

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