The World’s First Absolute Zero-emission Container Ship Is Set To Be Ordered By The Startup

The World's First Absolute Zero-emission Container Ship Is Set To Be Ordered By The Startup

A potential ship owner via is planning to order what is said to be the world’s first absolute zero container ship. Veer is a startup founded by Canadian Daniel Southcott. She has been working on zero-emission ships since her early work building sailing cargo ships in Costa Rica. Veer is a ship with a vision to build competitive merchant ships that demonstrate the decarbonization of shipping. The vessel design includes a hydrogen propulsion system and a wind propulsion system. Veer has announced that it has received letters of intent worth 50 million euros ($54 million). And has received offers from five European shipyards to build its first ship. In August last year, the company submitted a bid to the shipyard for a 150 teu vessel, dubbed “design number one.” 

At the same time, Veer is looking for investors to help the company raise the financing it needs. Southcott’s vision is to build a fleet of small container ships to operate liner services for shippers and charterers seeking a completely zero-emissions business model supply chain. Southcott previously told TradeWinds that Veer’s vision is to be a “sandbox” for trying out new clean technologies and becoming an early adopter. “We are really driving a change in business models and approaches to energy,” she said at the time. The company aims to harness wind power and hydrogen in the first draft.

But plans to create a “Develop a pipeline of innovative solutions and patented in a so-called ‘Ocean Solutions Incubation Facility.'”

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