Top 10 Navy Blue Suit Brands That Will Make You Stand 

Isn’t it possible for a Navy Blue Suit to look and feel great but be super cheap? That way, it could rank higher than a much more expensive suit that is A+ in look and feel. Cost, feel, fit, and availability all play a role, with the final ranking based on value for money (or, more simply, overall value). And know that we’re sticking with wool choices here (not that a Navy Blue Suit cotton or linen suit is a bad idea). 

10. J.Crew Essential Wool/Polyester Suit 

They still claim these are half-canvas construction, which is highly praised. The list price for the Navy Blue Suit fabric is a little high, but J.Crew always has specials. So wait until these drop to around $300.

9. Brooks Brothers Brookscool Fitzgerald Fit 

For most of us, this is not “affordable.”However, with a 30% discount, it drops to $488.60. Yes, it’s still expensive. But that’s why they didn’t make the top 10. Keep scrolling to find cheaper options. This is not a “Made in the USA 1818” Navy Blue Suit line. I hope that’s the case. As good as  Brooks Brothers’ American-made suiting flagship is, it’s a little too expensive to be on this list. It’s a great investment for anyone who works out every day, and you may even get a discount when you buy two or more. But once you buy a BrooksCool Italian wool suit, you’ll look great, move easily, and breathe.

8. J Crew Ludlow – $650 (Mid $400 On Sale) Ludlow – 

No, it didn’t rank very high on this list. Hardly sold. Sale section + additional 30% off code (good luck) or discounts during “private” Ludlow events bring the price down to the mid-$400s. Another pair they note is that the jacket has a short hem and narrow arm circumference, making it too narrow for a 2.5-inch lapel. Also, J.Crew seems to be making more and more suits that only have a “skinny” pants option, which is too tight for many people. Yes, J.Crew is very popular. And many of us love our Ludlow sport coats. But what about suits? Especially in the basic navy? It’s terribly expensive. There are better options that offer better value for money in Navy Blue Suit.

7. Bonobos Daily Grind 60% Wool/40% Poly Suit – $400 

Definitely expensive..but the price. That’s a lot of money for a wool-polyester blend, but Bonobos is making sales. Still worth mentioning. These are unique pieces, and many people are convinced that Bonobos is a great fit. The bonobo’s ability to penetrate the buttocks and thighs is difficult to replicate. Many men with super slim or super thick legs are proud of this (and, of course, men in between). Also, these suits are sold individually, so you are not tied to a suit “drop zone.” Choose your Navy Blue Suit. Choose your pants. The pants are already hemmed, so you can get started without going to the tailor. There are better suits out there, especially if these Bonobos Daily Grind suits aren’t on sale, but there are conditions under which these suits can be a win.

6. Jcf Wool Thompson Jacket And Pants – $280 Jcf Thompson

You have to play the sales game. Look for deep discounts that can be had in the mid to low $200s. Because you won’t find it in the finer wool or better quality suits that are higher up on this list. Modeled after J Crew Factory’s (much more expensive) Ludlow line has deep-set buttons and narrow 2.5-inch lapels. Some may want thicker lapels, which is understandable, but they’re not Sherlock slim either. The material could be better, but it’s usable enough. $250 is a reasonable price. Sold individually, please select your individual jacket size and then select your individual pants size. And the pants are already hemmed. About a year ago, it was down to $200, but in recent months, that is no longer the case.

5. Banana Republic Italian Wool Suit Jacket And Pants – $280 Br Suit

This is one of the better Navy Blue Suit available on the market. It’s very difficult to buy at a deep discount, which is the target price here. At $280 (about half price), it’s great value. But what if it’s closer to $350 or $400? Skip it and choose Spier and Mackay or Suitsupply instead. Anyway, although it is a fused structure, it works very well as a bonded jacket. The jacket has a standard tapered waist. Plus, they’re separated, so you can mix and match pants and jacket sizes rather than taking the pants out of a “nested” suit that’s adjusted up and down to suit your body shape. The sleeve buttons are non-functional, but they do have accent stitching. The size above is  40R. Both jackets and pants are also available in sportier standard sizes.

4. Jomers Italian Wool Suit – $250 

It’s basically a replica of Suitsupply’s Napoli version (covered earlier in this list), just with a slimmer profile. It’s surprisingly cheap, but it’s out of stock. Jomers simply isn’t a big company, so we can’t order a lot of these things. So what happens when word gets out that it’s actually for sale? It sells out almost immediately. I’m hoping for an increase, but I’m not counting on it. This may have been a once or twice a miracle.

3. Black Lapel Online Tailored Midnight Blue Suit – $499 

For hard-to-fit types. Online custom shops (companies where you measure yourself, submit your measurements, and have clothes made to your specifications) can be frustrating. But of all these companies, Black Lapel seems to be doing the best. Once you’ve taken your measurements and your first Navy Blue Suit (or jacket) is perfectly made, you’ll be able to recreate that experience perfectly. And they often do it on the first try. (Let’s be honest: most mistakes at these companies start with us idiots on the customer side who don’t know how to use a tape measure.) A great option for men. A butt that won’t fit into a standard Navy Blue Suit.

2. Suit Supply Napoli Fitted Italian Wool Suit – $359 – $399 

Oh, there’s something different about Naples. They’ve been getting rave reviews ever since they burst onto the scene in the Western Hemisphere a few years ago,and for good reason in this Navy Blue Suit Brands. The construction is great (half canvas at this price), and the fabric is soft, smooth, and durable. They come in a variety of sizes (short and long also available), and shipping and returns are free. The only criticism for some people is that the  Napoli buttons could be placed a little lower, but they’re not uncomfortably high either. The full review can be found here. Size 38R is on the top right (and at the top of the post).

1. Spier & Mackay Slim Or Contemporary Fit – $328 

Incredible quality for the price. Half canvas construction. Really high-quality Australian merino wool. The lining uses Bemberg, which has good breathability in this Navy Blue Suit Brands. Lightly padded shoulders. Timeless lapel width. The cuffs have non-functional buttons for easy adjustment. You can also choose between a true slim he-fit or a “contemporary” fit suitable for those who prefer a sporty fit (see above). However, free returns only apply to the first suit, jacket, or shoe purchase. Returns are free for beginners only. But then you’ll have to send it back (but you should know the size profile by then). Spire is by far one of the most affordable brands in men’s fashion, and their suits are proof of that.

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