Turkish Navy Corvette Visits Hong Kong Ahead of Goodwill Visit to Japan

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Turkey and Japan. And the 134th anniversary of the tragic accident of the Turkish Navy fourth. And last Ada-class corvette, the Ertugrul frigate, off the coast of Japan. The TCG Kinaliada (F-514) left Turkey on April 8 and was scheduled to arrive in Japan on June 8. However, before sailing for Japan, the corvette arrived in Hong Kong on May 30 for resupply. The next day, the Turkish Navy held a press conference.

The Ertugrul was an ancient Ottoman frigate that sailed from the Ottoman Empire to Japan in July 1889. With a crew of over 600 people on board. Making a friendly visit to Japan in return for Prince Komatsu of Japan’s previous visit to Istanbul. After a year-long voyage, the frigate finally arrived in Japan in June 1980. However, on the return journey in September, the Ertugrul encountered a severe typhoon that killed all but 69 crew members. At the time, the Japanese Navy escorted the survivors of the Ertugrul back to Istanbul with two frigates, Hiei and Kongo. In addition, a monument was erected on the Japanese island of Oshima. To commemorate this tragic accident and the friendship between the two countries.

Press Conference

During the press conference, Kerim Serkan Evsin, Consul General of the Republic of Turkey in Hong Kong. Emphasised the importance of TCG Kinaliada’s deployment in Asia. Because it brilliantly reflects the capabilities and achievements of the Turkish defence industry in the past two decades. Over the past 20 years, Turkey’s defence industry’s dependence on foreign defence requirements has been reduced from 80% to 20%.

The last ship of its class, TCG Kinaliada, features many innovations, with many new domestic systems being implemented for the first time on this modern platform. The corvette is the first ship of its class to replace the US-made RGM-84L Harpoon anti-ship missiles with the domestically produced ATMACA. 


ATMACA is a subsonic anti-ship missile with high counter-distance and advanced pre-flight and in-flight mission planning systems. It was developed jointly by the Turkish Naval Research Center Command and Roketsan. This advanced indigenous missile will be deployed on the remaining Ada-class corvettes, future Istanbul-class frigates, and future TF2000 air defence destroyers.

TCG Kinariada is also the first ship to be equipped with the ADVENT Combat Management System, an indigenously developed advanced integrated command and control system developed by HAVELSAN. Designed with the military in mind, it provides network-enabled capabilities, force-wide threat assessment, and cross-platform operation planning and execution. ADVENT will be installed on several Turkish surface combatants and resupply vessels, as well as on vessels to be exported to Ukraine, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Qatar.

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