How Many Types of Boats Are There?

As you all know, a types of boats of watercraft that is specially designed for navigation in coastal areas. And inland waters such as rivers and lakes. The difference between a boat and a ship is that it is smaller in size. And has less carrying capacity than a ship. However, the definition of a boat, i.e., its size, shape, and capacity, varies depending on its purpose. To understand it better, read about the main differences between a boat and a ship.

In modern naval terminology, a boat is a watercraft small enough to be shipped overseas as a ship (some boats are up to 1000 feet long). Similarly, many boats are not intended for use in coastal areas but rather in offshore environments. Interestingly, U.S. Navy submarines are sometimes referred to as boats, contrary to the argument that “ships can carry boats, but boats cannot carry ships.

“Historical evidence suggests that the ship has been used for transportation since prehistoric times. However, from the oldest known boat, the dugout, the development of personal watercraft has now extended to luxury motor yachts. Apart from their recreational purpose, boats also serve an essential purpose in the modern commercial world by enabling the active transport of passengers and cargo over short distances.

Types of Boats 

Strictly speaking, there are many different types of boats, and it is impossible to list them all. But essentially, boats can be divided into three main groups: 

  1. Non-powered or human-powered boats (rafts, gondolas, kayaks, etc.), 
  2. Sailing boats (sail power) 
  3. Motorboats (power boats)

Here is a list of the main types of boats in the above boat categories: Shows images of boats used around the world.

Fishing Boats 

Fishing boats is a types of boats of various sizes built specifically for fishing are used in both saltwater and freshwater. The immediate characteristics of these boats include stability, strength, and durability to withstand fishing trips on a variety of waterways.

There are two types of fishing boats: manned and unmanned. General-purpose fishing boats are typically equipped with a bow, rod holders, trolling motor system, outboard motor, and live bait container.

Compared to boats designed for lakes and rivers, boats used for offshore fishing are larger and more sturdily built to withstand saltwater and more severe conditions.

On the other hand, aluminum fishing boats are lightweight and durable. A slim bass boat that seats two or three anglers is a type of boat used for fishing.


A dinghy is a small inflatable boat, usually made of rubber, with a transverse thwart and oar locks that function as seats or oars. A dinghy is typically powered by sails, oars, and a small outboard motor, and is also commonly known as a sailboat, rowboat, or simply an inflatable boat.

These boats work with larger ships and are useful when the mother ship cannot navigate narrow waters. These rowboats can also be used as companion boats and are taken on camping trips and shallow water fishing.

Deck Boat 

As the name suggests, deck boats feature open deck areas that provide ample seating for small groups. This boat has a V-shaped hull with a wider beam to accommodate more passengers than a pontoon boat. Typically, she is 25 to 35 feet in length, has a stern drive, and is often used for recreational activities such as swimming and water sports.

Bowrider boat 

Bowriders are known as the quintessential family boat, offering space for eight or more passengers in the cockpit, bow cockpit, and steering position. Additionally, the bow area of ​​these boats is uniquely designed to allow for a spacious seating arrangement.

Additionally, these runabout-style vessels come with a swim platform for attaching a wakeboard or for the comfort of swimming in a recreational boat. The bowrider boat with a classic V-shaped bottom provides a great ride in a variety of waters. Although sterndrives are commonly used, the demand for outboard motors is rapidly increasing.

Catamaran Boats 

In contrast to other boats, catamarans are multihulls with two parallel hulls of the same size. Catamaran boats are characterized by a smaller hull volume, shallower draft, and larger displacement than monohull boats.

Catamarans are perfect for fishing as well as leisurely cruising, and they are built for a variety of purposes around the world.

Cuddy Cabins Boat 

The Cuddy Cabins Boat is suitable for fishing, sailing, sailing and other water sports and is one of the most family friendly vessels. With an enclosed deck above the bow of the boat, the boat offers convenient storage and easy navigation. Comfortable cabin boats are usually made of fiberglass and aluminum and have a minimum length of about 4.75 meters.

Center Console Boats 

Essentially, these are boats with a hull without a cabin or foredeck, with the steering position in the middle of the boat. The center console makes a great fishing platform.

These boats are ideal for sport fishing and operate in rough offshore waters where seafish abound. Basic equipment includes bait bowls, gunwale rod holders, fish boxes, outriggers, etc. In addition, the deck is equipped with a strong insulation system for ice-cooling the fish storage.


Around the world, houseboats come in all shapes and sizes, offering luxurious living on the water and providing excellent leisure and vacation opportunities.

Houseboat , also known as a float house, has a spacious floor plan and modern amenities including entertainment, delicious food and ample sleeping facilities. The boat offers fun activities such as relaxing sailing, water sports, and family sailing. Most houseboats are electric, but some cannot be steered on their own as they are usually stationary in one place.


With features such as a displacement hull and fuel-efficient engines, trawlers can manoeuvre smoothly through the water without using much power or using excess fuel. Designed. This quality makes trawlers the perfect choice for long-distance cruising, as they have all the latest equipment on board.

Cabin Cruiser Boat

The Cabin Cruiser Boat has all the features you need at home and is perfect for relaxing sailing. These boats are equipped with galleys and berths and include modern comforts such as heating, air conditioning, and generators.

The Cabin Cruiser has a deep V-bottom, plus safe shaft drive and rudder steering, making it especially suited for saltwater travel.

Game Boats 

These fiberglass boats with diesel or gasoline engines are large and suitable for hunting game fish, especially pelagic fish such as tuna and marlin. These boats are equipped with sleeping berths, plumbing systems, and galleys that allow passengers to stay active for several days or longer.

Motor Yacht 

The latest design in boat development, the motor yacht is a personal watercraft used primarily for recreational activities. The standard length of a motor yacht is over 12 meters and depending on the requirements for navigation in inland waters or at sea he is equipped with one or two diesel engines.

The motor yacht provides a fun family outing when on the water for long periods of time. There are different types of yachts on the market that meet different needs, such as day sailing yachts, weekender yachts, cruising yachts, and luxury sailing yachts.

Personal Watercraft (PWC) Boats

A PWC boat, also known as a water scooter or jet ski, is a boat specifically made for adventurous activities. This recreational watercraft allows individuals to explore bodies of water on their own or participate in games such as water skiing or sports fishing. There are two types of personal watercraft: “sitting” and “standing” models. The former is intended to be used by two or more people, while the latter can only be used by one driver.

Runabout Boat 

The runabout boat seats 4 to 8 people and is usually used for racing, fishing, water skiing, etc. The movement of these open boats is controlled by the steering wheel and front controls located behind the windshield. Runabouts are typically considered entry-level vessels for recreational sports and boating.

Jet Boat 

Jet boats are propelled by a stream of water jetted behind the boat and are characterised by high manoeuvrability. The design of a jet boat is very similar to that of a bow rider in that it has ample seating and a swimming platform. Additionally, the advanced propulsion system is securely housed within the hull and protected from external damage.

Wakeboard/Ski Boats 

Wakeboard boats and ski boats are very similar but have different applications. Inboard ski boats require a strong acceleration range, which is further enhanced by the geometry of the engine and propeller. Inboard wakeboards, on the other hand, have V-drive motor systems, deep hulls, and huge wakes that allow you to start moving.

Banana Boat 

A banana boat is a type of watercraft used exclusively for recreational activities and family entertainment. As the name suggests, it is a banana-shaped rubber boat that easily floats on water. There is no built-in motor. Banana boats can accommodate 3 to 10 people. Interestingly, ships primarily used to transport bananas as cargo are also called banana boats.


A lifeboat will come to your rescue in an emergency! A lifeboat is a small personal watercraft that is attached to large ships such as cruise ships. Its main function is to transport passengers safely in case the ship in question meets with an accident. Lifeboats are fully equipped with immediate food, water, and other necessities to reassure frightened travelers in the event of a shipwreck.

Pontoon boat 

Pontoon boats are often used on inland waterways and other small bodies of water. It is flat in shape and floats on water using tubes (pontoons). Pontoon boats are typically 15 to 30 feet long and have a shallow draft. Constructed of multiple aluminium tubes that support a wide platform and provide excellent stability.

Used for recreational activities such as cruising and fishing. The shape of a pontoon boat helps the designer plan the seating arrangement and other amenities according to the requirements.

Sedan Bridge Boats 

Sedan bridge boats from Sea Ray Company are usually 35 to 65 feet in length. And provide excellent visibility to the navigator. With an extended bridge area, this boat gives the passengers the feeling of being on the bridge of a larger ship and provides accommodation below for extended stays on the water.

Apart from the above, several other types of boats are also available in the market. The list of boats continues with vessels such as skiff or jon boat, hydrofoil boat. Cigarette boat, cuddy boat, tugboat, speed boat, bumper boat, pilot boat, fire boat, wellboat, kayak, bay boat or flats boat, general purpose fishing boat, deck boat, high performance boat, raft, surf boat, narrow boat, folding boat, log boat, go fast boat, cat boat, junk boat, ferry, canoe boat, submarine, dolly boat, etc.

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