UPDATED: What Is The Biggest Cruise Ship In The World Icon?

The frosting consists of seven pools, a whimsical striped merry-go-round, a grove of tropical green trees, and winding water slides in green, pink, blue, and orange. As the $2 billion ship crosses the Atlantic Ocean with a stop in Puerto Rico and arrives in Miami on January 10, accompanied by loud music, a fireboat is heard leaving the shipyard in Turku, Finland, where it was built. They were greeted with a cacophony of gunfire and banners. The riot halted traffic along the causeway into Miami Beach, which runs parallel to the biggest cruise ship canal.

Argentine footballer Lionel Messi, the “godfather” of the sea icon, was also present at the ship’s initial fanfare, and on January 23, he named the ship 20 He Deck. The ship is officially the world’s largest cruise ship, with a length of 1,188 feet and a gross tonnage of 235,600 tons. Alongside Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas, construct in early 2022. It is second only to that. Passengers on the maiden voyage of a sold-out seven-day Eastern Caribbean cruise are now enjoying a next-generation ocean experience.

Icon of the Seas’ 

Finding time to load everything onto the Icon of the Seas will keep passengers busy. Speaking of passengers, this ship is at maximum capacity where she can carry  7,600 guests and her 2,350 crew members, which is nearly the entire population of Sedona, Arizona. This behemoth attraction is Category 6. The ship’s 17,000-square-foot water park is currently the biggest cruise ship at sea, spanning decks 16 and 17 and featuring six of her slides. These include Flighting Bolt, the tallest drop slide on the lake at 46 feet tall. Or 14 meters), and the first family rafts slide at sea (Hurricane Hunter and Storm Surge). 

The ship features the first cantilevered infinity pool at sea, as well as the largest swimming pool at sea (the 40,000-gallon Royal Bay) and the largest ice arena at sea (Absolute Zero, where guests can watch ice skating and performances).  Approximately 50 musicians and comedians will entertain passengers with ensembles, including the largest orchestra at sea (16 members) and the first performance of The Wizard of Oz at sea by flying monkeys. We also have a resident golden retriever, Rover, called Chief Dog Officer, who is still a puppy and shows up on his schedule with a dedicated handler.

How Did The Ship Go Wrong During Its Three-Year Cruise, Especially The Impact Such A Large Ship Can Have On The Environment?

A Royal Caribbean spokesperson said the energy efficiency of the biggest cruise ship of the Seas is 24% higher than required for ships as currently designed. The company plans to introduce net-zero ships by 2035. This ship is Royal Caribbean’s first ship to be run by liquefied natural gas (LNG). Not everyone is excite with this choice. “Royal Caribbean’s decision to use LNG is the biggest mistake on climate change,” said Brian Comer, ocean program director at the International  Clean Transportation Council. The new ship has a total of 20 decks, 18 of which are for guests.

Royal Caribbean International: 

“LNG is primarily consist of methane, a greenhouse gas that traps more than 80 times more heat than carbon dioxide in its first 20 years after emission.” Icon of the Seas uses engines that release methane into the atmosphere in the form of “methane slips.” The group says LNG could only make a “significant contribution to achieving climate goals” if methane slip and other factors were significantly overcome or eliminats, but the council said that remained a major challenge.

The ship’s parabolic bow, a first for Royal Caribbean, is designed to help the ship move more easily through the water, helping reduce fuel consumption and emissions, Comer said, adding that the cruise line added that it would also benefit the company’s performance. This vessel produces over 93% of her fresh water by reverse osmosis.  The biggest cruise ship also features the brand’s first microwave-assisted pyrolysis waste-to-energy system, MAP, which converts onboard waste into gas that the ship can use for energy.

Great Interest Among Cruisers Enthusiasts  

There is no doubt that there is great interest in this huge ship among cruise enthusiasts. Colleen McDaniel, editor-in-chief of Cruise Critic magazine, told CNN Travel that Icon of the Seas is the most researched topic on cruise websites as of 2024. Said to be the fact that it is the first of a completely new class of ships. Royal Caribbean last brought a new class of ships to the market, the Quantum class, in 2014. “Given all that has changed in past cruises and travel, “there have been so many new concepts and options onboard over the last ten years that we’re looking forward to,” McDaniel said, adding that the icon of the seeds was explained as follows. Next up for Royal Caribbean’s Icon class is Star of the Seas, built in Finland and scheduled to sail the Caribbean from Port Canaveral near Orlando, Florida, in August 2025.

Equipped with the same amenities as The Seas.

“Due to unprecedented demand for Icon of the Seas, Royal Caribbean has opened reservations for Icon’s sister ship, Star of the Seas, three months earlier than originally planned,” the company said in a statement. A spokesperson said. New Neighbourhoods onboard Icon of the Seas’ eight distinct Neighborhoods cater to cruise ships’ multigenerational demographic, as well as families with young children and adult travelers. Designed to appeal to passengers with diverse interests.

Its offerings range from Royal Caribbean’s first offshore swim-up bar, Swim & Tonic, located in the ship’s Chill Island area, to The Lemon Post, a new family-friendly precinct called Surfside, where guests can meet mom and dad. Daddy and Me cocktails and mocktails are just steps away from the kids’ splash area.  Royal Caribbean was already famous for its onboard compartments that guests could move around in, but McDaniel said Icon of the Seas improved on the ship’s concept. “Make no mistake, this ship was built to directly compete with land-based resorts, especially family resorts,” she explains. Deck 7, Surfside, maybe the most anticipated feature of the new family-friendly ship. 

Aimed at families with children up to age 6, the game revolves around a Seussian-like merry-go-round, with kids playing the role of the vehicle characters (whimsical creatures like a rainbow-toothed narwhal and a flamingo floating in a pool). Surfside Eatery offers a new family-friendly buffet. Michael Verdure/Royal Caribbean International Just steps from The Carousel are several restaurants, including Pier 7, a new specialty restaurant that offers buffets, snack windows, all-day brunch, and children under 12 eat free. There are also two water play areas for young children, located right next to the Water’s Edge pool, where parents can keep an eye on their children while relaxing with ocean views.


For guests aged 18 and over, there is another new area on board, The Hideaway, inspired by the international beach club scene and featuring multi-level terraces with unobstructed ocean views. It features a 41-meter-tall cantilevered floating infinity pool, the first of its kind at sea. Above sea level is the ocean. Rob Cravers, founder and president of Q Cruises + Travel, a virtuoso agency in Chicago, said the ship’s features will especially impress people who have never cruised before.

“For Icon of the Seas, our most excited customers are families with younger children,” said Clavers, citing amenities such as a water park, pool, and surf simulator. The ship is also attracting interest from customers who don’t necessarily bring children, he said. He says he was paying attention to it. Royal Caribbean’s largest suite district to date is spread across her four decks and features a private sundeck, pool, hot tub, and two fine dining restaurants. 

The more than 40  restaurants, bars, and lounges on board include his 21 new options on Icon of the Seas, including paid options such as a walk-in sushi menu. Izumi and specialty restaurant Empire Supper Club (with Wagyu rib roast and poached butter). You can dine on scampi with an eight-course meal for $200 per person and admire Bubbles’ Champagne His window in the  Central Park section of the ship. Twenty-eight different types of accommodations on board start from  $3,600 per week for two people to 157-square-foot Indoor Plus staterooms to his three-story Ultimate with its own wraparound deck, movie theater, and outdoor. They range from family townhouses to family townhouses. The hot tub and spiral slide to navigate between the decks cost him an average of $100,000 a week, and the capacity is eight people.

Marvels of Engineering and Great Ambitions 

Impressive feats of engineering are visible throughout the Icon of the Seas. The 82-foot-tall steel and glass Aquadome covers part of the ship’s top and features a theater for high divers to perform, a 55-foot-tall water curtain, a bar, and Royal Caribbean’s first dining room. Includes the room accommodation. Located within an 82-foot steel and glass aqua dome that covers part of the ship’s top, the Overlook Lounge features a raised seating platform.

Michael Verdure/Royal Caribbean International 

The spherical pearl on the ship’s World Promenade rises to the height of its three decks, circling through a colorful landscape that fascinates selfie photographers while structurally resting in the center of the ship. Provides extensive support and opens the area to expansive ocean views. Whereas, at a recent press conference aboard the ship, Royal Caribbean International President and CEO Michael Bailey told the media that the ship “checks all the boxes” for what the company wants to build. I’m doing it,” he said. “It’s big, it’s bold, it’s perfect for the Caribbean and it’s perfect for our market,” Bailey said. ” 

Lastly, this ship offering is in response to demand the brand hears from both cruise ships new to cruising and cruisers already loyal to Royal Caribbean says Royal Caribbean’s Best Product Innovation. “We researched and tested the concept, and we heard the same thing,” he said, adding that it’s about making memories, trying “new things” together, connecting and having “a combination of thrill and relaxation.” Also, he expressed his desire to have unlimited opportunities. It resonated with me many times in my research sessions.”Nowhere in our office do we say, ‘Let’s build the biggest ship in the world,'” Schneider told CNN Travel.

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