From Canoes to Cruise Ships: A Journey Through the Types of Water Transport

Different types of water transport exist as part of the overall transportation industry. This article explains what these different types of water transportation are and how they work.

What is water transport?

Water transport is any type of transport vehicle used primarily for the movement of water. There are different types of water transport used for both cargo and passengers traveling on different waterways. We will discuss the different types of Water Transport in detail below.


One of the most important means of transportation on the water is the boat. This is the types of Water Transport you are most likely to use to travel on water,  whether it’s in a canal or in the middle of the ocean. But, of course, there are many different types of ships. Generally, boats can be divided into three categories: 

  1. Human and Non-Human 
  2. Powered Boats 
  3. Sailing Boats 
  4. Motor Boats 

Each category contains many boats, each serving a different purpose.

Deck Boats 

These boats, as the name suggests, have a deck area. They are usually small,  have seating areas for groups, and are used primarily for leisure and sightseeing or as boats that enter the water for swimming and other water sports. These boats with V-shaped hulls are typically 25 to 35 feet long.

Catamaran Types of Water Transport 

A catamaran is a type of Water Transport with two hulls. Although they are generally small boats used for fishing and cruising, they are also known to be used as car ferries due to their stability.

Houseboat Types of water transportation 

As the name suggests, it is a boat where people live. They are typically moored in one place while floating and are not motorized. Often, they are built to look more like a house than a boat, but some definitely retain the boat style. They are usually found on canals and large lakes, and many people live on houseboats year-round. It is also rented to tourists looking for something different.

Runabout Boats Types of Water Transportation 

These small open boats are entry-level boats used for recreational boating and sporting activities. There is a steering wheel and a small control panel.

Lifeboat Types of Water Transport 

A lifeboat is a little rigid or inflatable boat, usually attached to a larger boat or ship and used for sea rescue when necessary. By law, ships must carry as many lifeboats as there are people on board.

Pontoon Boat Type of Water Transport 

This type of boat is primarily used in inland waters and is very stable due to its wide, flat shape. They float on water using tubes called pontoons. It has stylish seating and is used for sightseeing and fishing.

Barge Types of Water Transport 

A  barge is a type of water transport on canals and is often referred to as a canal boat. They are long, flat-bottomed and used to transport cargo or as passenger vessels for pleasure. The interior includes a bed, kitchen and seating area.

Airboat Types of Water Transportation 

An airboat is a small, flat-bottomed boat powered by an airplane-type propeller. They are used for tourism and fishing purposes, especially in wetlands and shallow waters, such as the Florida Everglades.

Felucca Types of water transport 

These are currently used primarily for tourist purposes, especially on the Nile. It is a wooden sailing ship built in the Eastern Mediterranean, with a capacity of about ten passengers and a crew of 2-3. Hovercraft Types of Water Transportation Hovercraft is one of the few types of water transportation that can also travel on land, mud, and ice. A special fan is used to generate a large volume of air under the hull at slightly above atmospheric pressure, which allows the ship to rise and allow it to move. They have many uses.

Kayak Type of water transportation 

This is a small, narrow boat propelled by paddles on each side. Most often used for recreational purposes in small bodies of water.

Liner Types of Water Transport 

A liner is an emergency vessel designed to transport cargo and passengers over long distances from point A to point B, usually without stopping unless needed to refuel. It’s a big boat. It is no longer commonly used, and flight is now the best option. RMS Queen Mary 2 is the ocean liner still in regular service and making frequent transatlantic voyages.

Yacht Types of Water Transportation 

There is no standard definition of a yacht, but it is generally over 33 feet in length, has accommodation, is used for entertainment, and is usually the height of luxury. Yachts are typically moored in locations such as Puerto Banus, Marbella and Cannes, France. People often find celebrity yachts and do activities on them.

Ferry Types of Water Transport 

A ferry is a type of boat commonly used to transport passengers over short distances between her A. These are used for public transport in coastal cities, such as Venice ferries and Liverpool’s ‘Ferry Across the Mersey.’ For example, there are ferries that travel long distances from England to France, and cars are also available. These usually have more facilities on board, such as sleeping quarters, a restaurant or bar, and a small movie theatre.

Punt Types of Water Transport 

This type of boat is small, flat-bottomed, and has a square-cut bow.

The drive is via rods pressed against the river bed. The person who does this is called a “punter” and sits at the back of the boat. Punts are primarily used for recreational purposes.

Rigid Inflatable Boats Types of Water Transport 

Also known as RIBs, these small boats are, as the name suggests, rigid and inflatable. It’s lightweight, has a large capacity, and won’t sink. RIBs are commonly used as work boats. However, they are also used by recreational divers to reach dive sites in areas that cannot be reached by larger boats for some reason. They move fast.

Dinghy Types of Water Transportation 

Dinghies are one of the most convenient types of water transportation, as they are used to transport people and goods from large vessels to docks where there is not enough space to berth the vessel itself. One.

Water Taxi Types of Water Transportation 

Water taxis are used to transport people from one point to another, similar to public land transportation. Visit several stops. Water taxis are also used by commuters and tourists. It can be found in cities such as Venice, Liverpool, Brussels, Istanbul,  New Orleans, and Budapest.

Other types of water transport 

There are other types of water transport that are not strictly boats or are not called as such. This could be too large or too small for that category or simply work in a completely different way.

Ships Types of water transport 

A ship is a large watercraft designed to travel across the ocean. Vessels generally must be at least 95 feet in length. They can usually stay at sea much longer than ships, and as the saying goes, ships can carry ships, but not ships. That being said, the terms “ship” and “boat” do not have clear legal definitions.

There are many types of ships.

Including, but not limited to, High-Speed ​​Vessel 

  1. Offshore Oil Vessel 
  2. Electric Trawler 
  3. Factory Vessel 
  4. Cable Layer 
  5. Cry Cargo Vessel 
  6. Liquid Cargo Vessel 
  7. Passenger Carrier 4 
  8. Special Vessel 44 44 
  9. Warship Aircraft Carrier 
  10. Minesweeper Deep Sea 
  11. Research Vessel 
  12. Cruise Ship 
  13. Types of Water Transport 

One of the most famous and exciting types of water transport is the cruise ship. These are clearly classified as ships, passenger vessels designed for extended stays at sea. Unlike regular ships, they call at multiple ports as part of their round trip. The ship features a variety of amenities, including cabins, restaurants,  theatres, shops, cinemas, bars, nightclubs, tattoo shops, water slides, go-kart tracks, and more. Not all cruise ships have all of these things, but this is just one example of how great cruise ships can be. For more information about cruises, please see my article “Her 8  Types of Most Important Cruises”.

Surfboard Types of Water Transportation 

Surfboards are difficult to classify as a type of water transportation, but even though they are not commonly used to get from point A to point B, many are listed in some way as a mode of transportation on the website. A surfboard is a narrow board used by surfers to enjoy riding waves. Watercraft PWC, also known as jet ski, is actually a brand name (owned by Kawasaki) that has become synonymous with this type of vessel. These boats are different in that you stand or sit on the boat rather than riding on it. Mainly used for relaxation. But because of their speed, they are also used by law enforcement agencies, and PWC fishing is a rapidly growing industry.

Submarine Types of Water Transport 

The last type of water transport is the submarine. These vessels are used for underwater exploration. She can be a small two-person submarine that can stay underwater for several hours or a huge submarine that can stay underwater for up to six months. These ships can penetrate much deeper than human divers, allowing for discovery and surface warfare.

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