Wave Power For Subsea Equipment Project Finishes 12-month-long Test Program

Wave Power For Subsea Equipment Project Finishes 12-month-long Test Program - Merchant Navy Info - News

The £2 million (approximately $2.5 million) project combined the Blue-X wave energy converter. Manufactured by Mocean Energy Wave Power with the Halo subsea battery storage system. The system was developed by Aberdeen’s intelligent energy management experts at Verlume. The final stage of removing all equipment from the site is expected to begin shortly. Prior to onshore inspection and also cleaning at the Orkney Islands and Varium facility in Dyce, Aberdeen. “The test program was a great success,” said Andy Martin, Verlume’s chief commercial officer. 

This phase of RSP was originally designed as a four-month offshore demonstration. But the robustness of the technology, combined with the quality of the data. And also significant support from the oil majors, allowed us to fully scale it. I was able to. Program” year. We are now increasingly confident in the reliability and also commercial potential of this system. ” Provides underwater facilities. It aims to provide a cost-effective alternative to public cables. Which are known for their high carbon content and lengthy procurement and installation processes. 

Energy Giants 

Total Energy and Shell recently joined forces with Thai oil giants PTTEP, Celica Energy, Harbor Energy, Baker Hughes, Transmark Subsea, and Net Zero Technology Center (NZTC) to launch an industry-wide initiative.He joined project leaders Moshan Energy and Valium. Recently, energy companies such as TotalEnergies and Shell Technology – Marine Renewable Program partnered with project leaders Mocean Energy and Verlume on an industry-wide initiative.

The Thai National Oil Companies 

PTTEP, Celica Energy, Harbor Energy, Baker Hughes, Transmark Subsea, and  Net Zero Technology Center (NZTC) are also participating in the initiative. “In the coming months, all technology providers will use performance metrics defined both individually and as a fully integrated energy and communications ecosystem to identify critical components. ,” says Ian Crossland, commercial director at Mocean Energy. 

“An important part of this process is the evaluation of lessons learned and also future upgrades that may be required for a complete commercial system.” Industry collaborators and developers are currently working on additional deployments. Or consider short-term and future strategies for deployment.

Possibility Of Testing Live Assets

This includes the deployment of  similar projects in Scottish waters and/or the deployment of new projects overseas, through a combination of green technologies to deliver reliable low carbon electricity and subsea devices in real-world environments. Can demonstrate how communication can be provided.

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