What Are The 8 Major Ports In Pakistan?

8 Major Ports In Pakistan_ - Merchant Navy Info

There are several major ports in this country. Pakistan has 1046 kilometres of sea coast. It is along the Arabian Sea, having several big and tiny ports in its coastal region.

In this article, we take a look at some of Pakistan’s major ports.

Major Ports-Karachi Port & Harbour

The massive port of Karāchī is a big deep-sea port operated along with the Arabian Sea area of Pakistan. It is under the control of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs.

These days, the port sits on 32 kilometers of wharves and docks. The anchorage is 16 meters deep with 41 berths and 8 wharves available for commercial vessels.

The port has an annual 65.25 million tons of material and 1.56 million TEUs.

With a maximum capacity of 75,000 dead weight tons for docking vessels. The wharves have 3 liquid cargo berths, shipyards and repair areas, 2 dry docks, and 3 container places.

Karachi International Container Terminal (KICT) is capable of handling Panamax and Post-Panamax ships along 600 meters of holding space. The Pakistan International Bult Terminal (PIBT) from the East wharf can handle Panamax vessels with an annual potential of 350,000 TEUs.

The Al-Hamd International Container Terminal (AICT) works nearby on the Layari River and does not properly fall under the port premises. ==

Gwadar Port– Promising ports

Gwadar Port - Merchant Navy Info

The Bandar gāh Gwadar is a key port on the Arabian Sea under the management of the Gwadar Port Authority. The China Overseas Port Holding Company has working and executive control of the port. Gwadar is a major part of the Pakistan-Afghanistan trade transit and is a center of the proposed China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Under various initiatives, the harbor is connected to the Maritime Silk Road and Belt & Road ventures.

The port has a floating liquefied natural gas terminal, the Gwadar Special Economic Zone, and a full-time facility to promote CPEC interests.

The current annual container capacity back in 2018 was 30 million TEUs.

Port Muhammad Bin Qasim

Port Muhammad Bin Qasim

It is one of the largest deep-sea ports in the world. The port is in Sindh.

It is under the ownership the Maritime Affairs Ministry. The Port Qasim has been working since 1980 and is made up of 50 square kilometers. The Port Qasim Authority runs this port.

It is in close quarters to Port Karachi and is on the Indus River.

The port is very well connected. There are several major transport hubs near this place.

Mohammad Ali Jinnah Naval Base

Mohammad Ali Jinnah Naval Base

Pakistan’s leading Naval Base and the second largest in the country. The Pakistan Navy has total command of this base.

Situated on the Makran Coastal Highway of the Balochistan Province, it is located 240 kilometers to the West of Karachi Port Harbour. The Pakistan Navy runs this port.

Keti Bander Port

Keti Bander Port

The Keti Bander is among the oldest ports in the country and a tiny harbor that supports the local economy. Situated in the Thatta District and within 4 hours from Karachi by road, the port is an extension of the old port of Debal near Manora Island.

The modern-day port is located on the river Indus. Also, this is a hub mostly owing to its location close to the Arabian Sea and the Hajamrao River.

Port of Ormara

Port of Ormara

The Bandar-gāh Ormara is a prominent area lying in the Makran area in Pakistan and situated in the Karachi and Gwadar areas. Its maritime importance dates back to 40 – 70 A.D. in ancient trade and maritime notebooks (the Periplus of the Erythraean Sea).

Port of Pasni

Port of Pasni

The Bandar-gāh Pasni situated in Balochistan is a mid-level seaport, fishing harbour, and defence base on the Makran Coast. The primary source of economy for the neighhinterlands is fishing, which leads to traffic at Pasni.

The fishing harbor is top-notch and features state-of-the-art systems to process and package things for export.

Port of Jiwani

Port of Jiwani

The Port of Jiwani is situated on the Western extent of Pakistan. It is a defense and commercial harbor situated on the Gulf of Oman. It is near the ports of Gwadar, Pakistan (60 kilometers East) and Chabahar, Iran (110 kilometers West).

Its close proximity to these shipping hubs has resulted in the development of Jiwani and the surrounding hinterlands.

Set in Gwadar Bay, Port Jiwani holds immense importance from a naval point of view.

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