What is the Upcoming Green Hydrogen Project in India?

India’s Government – Green Hydrogen

India’s government has released a new scheme to support retrofitting existing vessels on green hydrogen.

The scheme will also support the development of bunkering and refueling facilities in ports for green hydrogen-based fuels.

The scheme guidelines, titled Scheme Guidelines for Implementing Pilot Projects for the Use of Hydrogen in the Shipping Sector under the National Green Hydrogen Mission (NGHM), were published by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy on February 1, 2024.

The total budget for projects under this scheme amounts to Rs 115 crores (about $13.8 million).

 The objectives of the new guidelines

  • To support the deployment of hydrogen and its derivatives as fuel for ship propulsion, including bunkering and refueling, on a pilot basis;
  • To validate the technical feasibility and performance of green hydrogen and its derivatives based ship propulsion in real-world operational conditions;
  • To evaluate the economic viability of the use of hydrogen and its derivatives in the shipping sector;
  • To assess the effectiveness of hydrogen and its derivatives in ship propulsion and bunkering & refueling systems in ports;
  • To evaluate the performance of green hydrogen and its derivatives based propulsion system, bunkering and refueling systems, and identify the areas for improvement; and
  • To demonstrate safe and secure operations of hydrogen and its derivatives-based propulsion system, bunkering, and refueling system.

In January 2023, India launched its National Green Hydrogen Mission, which aims to establish India as a global hub for producing, using, and exporting hydrogen and its derivatives. It will contribute to India’s goal to become self-reliant through clean energy. The mission aims to significantly decarbonize the economy and reduce dependence on fossil fuel imports.

Shipping and port operations are expected to drive future demand and trade for hydrogen. Maritime transport and ports have significant potential for decarbonization through green hydrogen or its derivatives, such as green ammonia / green methanol, as fuel for propulsion and other operations.

Prospects in the sector include:

  • The development of refueling hubs of hydrogen and its derivatives at Indian ports.
  • The development and operation of green hydrogen or its derivatives-based ship propulsion systems.
  • Use hydrogen or its derivatives to fuel zero-emission technologies for vehicles and terminal equipment at ports.
  • Development of supply chains and capabilities to support the export of hydrogen and its derivatives from India.

The mission recognized the need to initiate pilot projects in the sector to assess the potential for using hydrogen and its derivatives in the shipping sector.

The ministry has announced that The Shipping Corporation of India (SCI) will retrofit at least two ships to operate on green hydrogen or its derivatives by 2027.

The mission also provides for setting up green ammonia bunkers and refueling facilities in at least one port by 2025.

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