World’s First Ship-To-Ship Bunkering Of Green Methanol Completed In Ulsan

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The world’s first ship-to-ship refueling of green methanol fuel was carried out on the 16,000-ton TEU container ship “ANE MAERSK.” Refueling took place at the Port of Ulsan, South Korea. ISSC-certified green bioethanol for the bunkering process was supplied by OCI Global. The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and also the Fisheries announced the completion of the refueling operation. ANE MAERSK will embark on its maiden voyage from Ulsan to Copenhagen. Stopping in Singapore, Egypt, and Rotterdam along the way. ANE MAERSK’s baptism took place at the port of Ulsan about two weeks ago. The ship was built at  HD Hyundai Heavy Industries Shipyard, also located in Ulsan. The vessel is the first in a series of 18 large methanol-fueled vessels. To be delivered to Maersk from 2024 to 2025.

The Ministry of the Marine Affairs and also the Fisheries. Has developed the Guidelines for Approval of Self-Safety Management Plans for Methanol Supplies. A framework to be used in bunkering operations. The ministry was involved in two bunker demonstrations in July and November last year. Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Kang Do-hyun said many international ports. Are racing to build infrastructure to supply sustainable shipping fuel, with the global goal of reducing emissions to zero by 2050. The ministry and also the Ulsan Port Authority said they will continue to modernize the refueling system and work to establish standardized operating procedures for methanol supply. Furthermore, they confirmed their intention to work with the private sector to ensure sustainable marine fuel supplies.

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