MBS Has Started Construction On The World’s Largest Hydrogen Project To Power Neom. It Will Produce 25 Tons Of Hydrogen An Hour

MBS Has Started Construction On The World's Largest Hydrogen Project To Power Neom. It Will Produce 25 Tons Of Hydrogen An Hour - Merchant Navy Info - News

Saudi Crown Prince MBS has started construction on the world’s largest green hydrogen project, which will power the Neom city. The $8.4 billion plant will produce a whopping 25 tons of hydrogen every hour.

The world’s largest hydrogen project is being made in Neom City. Neom is a $1.5 trillion tourist destination of the future, is more than just luxury hotels and fancy villas. It represents an unprecedented way of life, paving the way for not only a better life. In addition, also a more sustainable way of living. The green hydrogen project in Saudi Arabia is imperative to realizing Crown Prince MBS’s sustainability vision for Neom. Touted to be the world’s largest hydrogen plant, it is now formally under construction. This is expected to be completed by the end of 2026. It was revealed by ACWA Power in a statement. A lot of companies are working together to develop Neom. The main partners are ACWA Power, Air Products, and Neom.

Oxagon construction on track

The CEO of Neom Green Hydrogen Co., Wesam Al-Ghamdi, revealed that the construction of the plant in the floating port “Oxagon” is advancing significantly. Al-Ghamdi highlighted recent developments. These include the procurement of initial supplies, installation work, and the expectation of more deliveries this year. The CEO reaffirmed that he aims for significant construction progress this year, gearing up for full operations by 2026. An incredible $8.4 billion in funding has accelerated construction. It is aiming to produce 4 million tons of clean hydrogen annually by 2030.

Once completed, the hydrogen plant will deliver 600 tons of carbon-free hydrogen daily, enough to power around 20,000 hydrogen buses. This news fuels hope for those eager to see Neom City shape up as planned. Only last month, for the first time, Neom City cancelled a project. It was for a $1.5 billion desalination plant that was to deliver 30% of the water for the megaproject. However, with the hydrogen plant showing progress, there is still hope for other projects to fall in line.

The World’s Largest Hydrogen Project

Neom Green Hydrogen Company, in collaboration with several companies. These include ACWA Power, Air Products, and Neom, aims to become a pioneer of green ammonia production by 2026. Also Air Products works as a contractor and system integrator for the entire facility. Nadhmi Al-Nasr, Chairman of Neom Green Hydrogen Company and Chief Executive Officer of Neom, said: “At scale, this project is the first-of-its-kind internationally, global leader in the hydrogen revolution. Harnessing the energy of Neom’s vast natural resources. Here NGHC’s venture will pave the way for the large-scale take up of green hydrogen. At the same time driving Saudi Vision 2030’s sustainable development goals.”

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