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Things You Should Know About Combat Systems Team

If you’re thinking about a career with the merchant marines, you’ve probably heard of the combat systems team. But do you really know what they do day-to-day? What kind of skills and training do you need to join them?

Here, we’ll give you the inside scoop on this critical group that operates and maintains all the high-tech weaponry and sensors on merchant vessels. 

From missile systems to radars, the combat team plays a vital role in keeping crews and cargoes safe on the high seas. We’ll break down everything from their daily duties to the qualifications you’ll need to work alongside them. And who knows – after reading this, you may discover the perfect career path for yourself! So strap in and get ready to learn all about the exciting world of the merchant marine combat systems team.

An Introduction to the Combat Systems Team in the Merchant Navy

The Combat Systems Team consists of personnel involved in operating and maintaining the ship’s weapons and sensors. Their role is to ensure combat readiness in case the ship faces dangerous scenarios.

Weapons maintenance

The team is responsible for routine maintenance and repair of the ship’s weapons like naval guns, rocket launchers, and small arms. They conduct regular inspections, tests, and drills to confirm that all weapon systems are functioning properly and ready for operation if needed.

Sensor operation

The team operates and monitors the ship’s sensor equipment, such as radar, sonar, and infrared sensors. These sensors detect potential threats like hostile ships, low-flying aircraft, and incoming missiles. The team has to be extremely vigilant to identify threats early and alert the command crew for appropriate defensive actions.

Combat readiness

A major responsibility of the Combat Systems Team is to ensure that all weapons and sensors are fully operational and the crew is prepared to respond effectively in combat situations. They conduct frequent drills and exercises to practice and coordinate defensive maneuvers. All team members have to maintain high proficiency in the use of the ship’s weaponry and sensor equipment.

The Combat Systems Team plays a crucial role in protecting merchant navy ships from various dangers at sea. Their skills and readiness are vital for the safety of the ship, cargo, and crew in uncertain waters. With specialized knowledge and constant vigilance, this team helps to deter or defeat threats that may emerge without warning.

Key Roles and Responsibilities of the Combat Systems Team

Operating and Maintaining Weapons

The combat systems team is responsible for operating and maintaining the ship’s weapons like cannons, missile launchers and torpedo tubes. They perform routine checks, load ammunition and ensure that all weapons are in working order and ready to be deployed if needed.

Operating and Maintaining Sensors

The team also operates and maintains the ship’s sensors like radar, sonar and electronic warfare systems. These systems are crucial for detecting potential threats, so the team regularly checks that all sensors are functioning properly and calibrated accurately.

Training and Certification

Members of the combat systems team go through extensive training to become certified to operate sophisticated weapons and sensor systems. They are required to participate in frequent drills and simulations to ensure their skills and certifications remain up-to-date.

Reporting and Documentation

Detailed reports and records must be maintained on the status, maintenance, drills, and certifications relating to the ship’s combat systems. The team is responsible for completing necessary documentation to provide an accurate log of activities that can be reviewed by senior officers and external auditors.

Coordinating with Bridge Officers

The combat systems team works closely with the ship’s bridge officers like the captain and weapons officer. They relay information on the status of combat systems and report any issues that could impact the ship’s readiness or operations. The team responds to orders from the bridge to deploy, activate or shut down weapons and sensors as required.

Eligibility Criteria and Skills Needed for the Combat Systems Team

To join the Combat Systems team on a merchant navy ship, you need to meet certain eligibility criteria.

First, you must be over 18 years of age and have a high school diploma. Many shipping companies prefer candidates with a bachelor’s degree in electronics, electrical engineering or a related field.

Technical Skills

You should have a strong aptitude for technical skills like operating radar, sonar, and weapons systems. Familiarity with combat management systems, fire control systems and missile systems is highly desirable. Strong problem-solving and troubleshooting abilities are important to quickly identify and fix any issues with the ship’s critical combat systems.


As a member of the combat systems team, you need to work well with others in high-pressure situations. Close coordination with the captain, officers and crew is essential to ensure the ship’s defense readiness. You may need to train other crew members on operating certain equipment. Strong communication and interpersonal skills are a must.

Physical Ability

The role can be physically demanding at times, requiring the ability to climb ladders, lift heavy equipment, and work in confined spaces. You must be able to work long shifts, including nights and weekends, when needed to carry out drills, testing or address any system issues. The job may require deployments at sea for months at a time, so you need to be comfortable living and working in such conditions.

In summary, if you have a technical background, the ability to work under pressure as part of a team, and are physically fit, you may have what it takes to join the combat systems team in the merchant navy. The role offers an exciting career working with advanced technologies in a challenging environment.

All the essential things you should know about the Combat Systems Team in the Merchant Navy is discussed here. This critical group of sailors helps maintain combat readiness on merchant vessels, operating complex weapons and sensor systems. While their role focuses on defense, they work closely with the deck department to keep the ship and crew safe in hazardous waters.

As a member of the Combat Systems Team, you’ll get hands-on with cutting-edge technology and be an integral part of the ship’s security. It’s an exciting opportunity to apply your technical skills at sea and be on the frontline protecting merchant fleets. With specialized training and a detail-oriented mindset, you can launch a career in this unique naval occupation.

Remember the team’s motto: “trained, ready, always there.” Keep it in mind as you consider joining the elite Combat Systems Team and helping the Merchant Navy stay vigilant on the high seas.

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