Seafarers Happiness Index 2023Q4: Seafarers’ happiness levels about interaction with crew on board


The Mission to Seafarers reported a decline in the score of seafarers happiness with their interaction with the crew aboard in the Q4 2023 Seafarers Happiness Index report. The score dropped to 6.97 out of 10 from 7.42 out of 10. Despite this, the report highlighted some positive feedback from respondents, who mentioned experiencing harmonious relationships and camaraderie. Primarily with those they previously sailed with.

Keeping a regular roster of seafarers is a huge advantage. Seafarers experience a sense of trust and respect that develops over time, not just on single trips. Senior officers spend more time training crew they know they will likely sail with again. Keeping crews together appears to have a strong argument for helping their bonds grow.

Some individuals had differing opinions. As some noted inadequate time for rest, leading to exhaustion and seclusion outside of work hours. A few people had observed members of the crew spending time alone in their cabins. Primarily occupied with electronic devices or browsing the internet. The availability of internet access can impact interaction among the crew. As some crew members prefer going online rather than socializing in common areas. The reaction needs to be taken to encourage the crew to meet and mix and feel that there are better alternatives to being cabin-bound. 

The responses indicate that seafarers recognize the significance of spending quality time with their crew members to improve their mental health and build good relationships. Some have commented that there is a need for more activities that would enhance crew interaction. It is crucial to break the spell of isolation by creating inviting spaces people would want to spend time in. Reconsidering how social events and leisure time are managed.

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