Trinidad and Tobago hit by mystery ship oil spill

Trinidad and Tobago is considering declaring a national emergency over a huge oil spill from a ship that ran aground and overturned this week.
The oil spill impacted Tobago’s pristine beaches, affecting approximately nine miles of the island’s southwestern coast. Over 1,000 volunteers have joined government personnel to assist in the cleanup.
Currently, a team of divers is working diligently to locate and isolate the source of a leak from an abandoned vessel. As the crew has left it.
On Saturday, Farley Augustine, the chief secretary of the island of Tobago, said the government mighty designated the accident a Level 3 disaster, the highest.
According to a statement provided to the AFP news agency, “Everything indicates that we are going in that direction.” The speaker’s remarks suggest that there is a clear indication of progress towards a particular goal or objective.
The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management has classified the current spill as Level 2. Indicating that the country is capable of managing the situation.
When a national emergency declaration is made due to local resources being overwhelmed, international aid becomes necessary.
Last Wednesday, an unidentified ship named The Gulfstream capsized off the coast of the Cove Eco-Industrial Estate.
No one placed any emergency assistance calls.
The event occurred only a few days prior to the carnival festivities in Trinidad and Tobago. Which serve as a significant contributor to its economy.

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