HD HHI Delivers Third KSS-III Submarine to the ROK Navy

HD HHI Delivers Third KSS-III Submarine to the ROK Navy - Merchant Navy Info - News

HD Hyundai Heavy Industries requested the Korean Ministry of National Defense (MND). Also, Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA), and Government officials from nine countries to share the superiority of its submarines and other K-warships. Including Aegis destroyers and frigates.

HD Hyundai Heavy Industries conveyed today that it hosted a delivery signing ceremony of the third Batch-1 3,000t submarine. It was held at ROKS Shin Chae-ho, its headquarters in Ulsan, Korea. Dookyum Kim, Mayor of Ulsan; Sung Il, Deputy Minister of the Office of Military Resources Management at MND. Kyoungho Han, Head of Advanced Capabilities Program Agency at DAPA. Jungho Kang, Commander at the Navy Submarine Force Command, and Wonho Joo, Senior Executive Vice President of HD Hyundai Heavy Industries’ Naval & Special Ship Business Unit (NSSBU), attended the event.

Over twenty Government officials from nine countries also joined the ceremony. Including Michael L. MacDonald, member of the Canadian Senate, Michael Jacobson CSM, Director General Submarines of the Royal Australian Navy, and Paul Duclos, Peruvian Ambassador to Korea. They had the chance to see the excellence of Korean warships in person.

After the delivery signing ceremony, all guests visited the ROKS Shin Chae-ho, Sejong the Great Aegis destroyer, and Chungnam frigate at the NSSBU yard.

At the 3,000-t submarine Shin Chae-ho delivery ceremony, attendees take a commemorative photo. The photo was clicked at the HD Hyundai Heavy Industries’ VIP guest house in Ulsan, Korea.

The event was specifically meaningful as guests from different countries, such as Canada, Peru, Australia, the Philippines, and Poland, had a high possibility of discussing K-defense exports further. The US guests were present in a country where they are currently discussing defence MRO (maintenance, repair, operation).

Hyundai Delivers Advanced 3,000-Ton Submarine to ROK Navy

Hyundai Heavy Industries designed and built the ROKS Shin Chae-ho and delivered it on time. It was the first 3,000t submarine. This has been possible due to the full support and cooperation from DAPA and the Korean Navy. The company has been gaining more attention regarding shipbuilding technologies. Along, business management capabilities as it has successfully delivered warships on time from the Ulsan class Cheonan and Chuncheon frigates to today’s ROKS Shin Chae-ho.

TThe latest fuel cell propelled the submarine with a lead-acid battery propulsion system. Also, state-of-the-art noise control technologies boast significantly improved covert mission capabilities and survivability.

It can also be armed with guided missiles, torpedoes, and underwater mines. It can fire SLBMs (Submarine-launched Ballistic Missiles) on its vertical launch system, making it a key asset for the marine-based underwater kill chain system.

The ROKS Shin Chae-ho has undergone a thirty-month test and evaluation period since its launch ceremony in September 2021. The ROK Navy will receive the submarine and integrate it into their force, and will later deploy it on missions later in the year.

“I am glad to have this opportunity to share the excellence of our submarines. They have been delivered on time with the world. We will continue to work with the Government as part of our ‘Team Korea’ effort. We aim to stay fully committed and make tangible results in K-defense exports.”

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