The Navy with no sailors

Bad management in an organization that once ruled the waves

Did you know that the Navy once had a fleet with no sailors? It may sound unusual, but it’s true!

“The organization that once dominated its industry is now suffering from poor management.”

What would Lord Nelson have said!? “We should change the famous words of the hero of Trafalgar to “Let’s expect every man and woman in England to do their duty; unfortunately, we don’t have enough of them!”

The Royal Navy is pondering scrapping ships not because of defence cuts but because it needs more sailors. Amazingly, no one noticed that recruitment had fallen and the number of sailors leaving the Navy had risen. Due to a lack of personnel, the Royal Navy must operate to meet the increasing global threats.

Royal Air Force planes fly from Cyprus to attack targets in Yemen because the Royal Navy can’t send a submarine. The Royal Navy possesses six nuclear-powered attack submarines that would suit the current role. However, all of them are either docked at their base in Scotland or undergoing refit in Plymouth. Therefore, the submarines’ availability for the role needs to be improved. But the Royal Navy is not alone.

The Airforce is in need of pilots

The Royal Air Force needs more pilots. The Royal Air Force (RAF) has 31 F35 fighter jets, but only 30 pilots are available. Five of these pilots are on exchange from the Australian and US air forces. And in some cases, it takes seven years to train a pilot. But what annoys me is that no one resigns; it is just a blame game.

It’s not the government’s fault this time. The admirals and air marshals are to blame. They often complain about the lack of equipment, but it’s their fault for insufficient personnel.

The latest documentary about the Royal Navy aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth featured a junior chef from the Merchant Navy. I am not saying that chefs do not play a vital role, but will it inspire a generation of young men and women to join the Royal Navy? Stick to fast jets and helicopters. They sell more than a hot oven. Currently, unemployment is high in Britain, and the armed forces are no exception. The Royal Navy has a strength of 30,000 and can’t keep that small number!

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